How to change HP ILO Ips for OA, blades and interconnect modules

Recently I was working on changing HP c7000 enclosure onboard administrator (OA), individual blades and interconnect modules ILO IPs. It’s straight forward but I would like to share my experience here.

****  Before doing anything further in production/ working environment, take the backup of Virtual Connect (Flexfabric) as per this link 

1.            From a networking point of view, all IPs are going to be in the same subnet. Here in this scenario, I have pre-configured two switch ports with new subnet and as part of the implementation I’ll connect 2x OA to new ports
2.            Version - OA 3.11
( If you are looking change blade name in HP Onboard Administrator, refer to "Steps to change blade in on-board administrator)
Step1: Change OA IP.
             Login to HP OA
             Verify OA failover to make sure both OA’s are still working after initial implementation ;-). I know our friendly BAU team hardly tests/ patch the environment
             One more point to note, when you are doing OA failover test, it’s not necessarily your active OA IP will go onto passive OA IP based on below setting
              Navigate to enclosure TCP/IP settings
             Change standby on-board administrator ip to new one
             Connect network cable to newly allocated port
             Make sure that able to ping new IP
             Failover OA to standby
             Change active OA IP to new one
             Connect network cable to newly allocated port
             Make sure that able to ping new IP
             Failback OA to its actual active OA
Step 2: Change individual blade IP
             Login to HP OA.
             Navigate to Enclosure Bay IP Addressing
             Change Device bay IP address to new ones according as allocated
             Make sure that able to ping new IPs
Steps 3: Change interconnect module IP (Virtual/ flex connects)
             Login to HP OA
             Navigate to enclosure TCP/IP settings- Interconnect bays
             Change Device bay 1, 2, 3 and 4 IPs to new as pre allocated.( Note : Device bay depends on how many modules you have)
             Make sure that able to ping new IPs
Update respective DNS alias with new names for all the above devices.
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  1. Great. This has really been helpful

  2. what happens to the VLANs and blades once you change the flexfabric ips?

    dont they lose connectivity effecting the blades?

  3. There won't be any impact if you follow above steps. I have tried on above mentioned firmware versions.

  4. need to change the IPs on our OA and VC

    OA v4.50
    VC v4.45

    will the same steps mentioned above work for these versions?

  5. Hope so but I haven't tried. Appreciate if you can update how you go with IP chnaged.


  6. ok will do.. I'm waiting to hear back from HP about this as well.
    but they are taking their sweet time to get back to me...

  7. Just dropping by to say thank you. I was struggling to change OA IP address and a single line solved my problem.
    "Connect network cable to newly allocated port". Forgot I had to change vlan tag on switch.

    1. Happy that my article solved your problem. Thanks for taking time to comment here.