Steps To Remove Horizon View Connection or Security Server from View

This article outline the steps to remove the Horizon View connection or security Server from the view MANAGER. 
Use case to remove Connection or security server from View Manager can be due to:

-          When you disable View connection or security  server in View Connection servers group, server entry might still exist within View configuration
-          Permanently decommissioning a View connection or security server in view connection server group or replacing view connection or security  server with the new instance of view connection or security server
 Before you try this article, see if this troubleshooting step helps you.

Steps to remove a View connection or security server from the server farm is as follows.

-          Uninstall View connection or security server software from Control panel/ add/remove programs
-          If you are permanently uninstalling/ decommissioning a connection/ security server from the group, uninstall VMwareVDMDS program from Control panel/ add/remove programs
-          Login to primary and one of the remaining connection or security server and execute the following command 

"C:\Program Files\VMware\VMware View\Server\tools\bin\vdmadmin.exe" -S -r -s <Security Server Name>

<Security Server Name> - Server name which is in scope to remove or decommission

Note : Make sure that you are not typing IP address of security server, it doesn’t work. Just type hostname as -s option specifies the NetBIOS name

Horizon View Connection Or Security Server Decommissioning

These instructions remove View security or connection server from the Horizon View console and the ADAM database.

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