How to change blade name in HP OA (Onboard administrator)

This article describes how to assign or change blade name in HP OA (Onboard administrator). In this example, I am using HP C7000 enclosure and HP BL490C G6 blade.

(refer "steps to edit HP ILO IPs for On-board administrator, blades and interconnect modules" if necessary)
Steps are as follows:
1.       Login to Onboard administrator
2.       Navigate to the “device bays” and point to the blade which you want to assign name or rename
3.       In the following screenshot, it’s showing as “ host is unnamed”. After assigning name to the blade, it will show the actual name of the blade

4.       Access blade ( BL490C G6) BIOS by pressing F9 while booting  and select  “ Server Asset Text”

5.       On “Server Asset Text” sub menu, select “Server Info Text”
6.       Select “Server Name- Line 1” and press enter to open sub-windows to enter the name of the server and press ESC to save

7.       Press F10 and exit

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  1. Thank you so much! That did the trick, you saved me more endless hours of searching for a fix.

    HP server

  2. Thank you for comment Valli and I am happy to know that above post helped you. Please refer other articles on blog and feel free to ask me if you have any questions.

  3. Hello. This will work to change the server's name, but it is not the most efficient way. Just go into the ILO of the server, then select administrator > access settings. Half way down the page is a field to enter the server name. That will update the server name you see presented from the OA.

    1. I haven't tested this but I think it works. Thanks for letting us know.