Oracle Virtual Machine Manager Upgrade Steps

This article outlines the steps required to upgrade Oracle Virtual Machine Manager (OVMM) to version 3.x.x
Step by step approach:
1.       To start with, download latest upgrade files from OracleSoftware Delivery Cloud.
2.       Go to  repository server  and prepare repository for Oracle VM Server upgrade

Post Cloud Migration Tests

Generally, the data center and cloud migrations are complex, and they set to fail if there is no solid strategy in place. Having the inventory of servers, applications hosted on each workload and dependencies are critical for the success of the project. Refer to this article for cloud migration assessment or data which needs to be gathered for migrations.
Once you have all the data required to group the workloads/ applications to migrate in each migration wave, they need to be tested pre and post-migration to ensure that the workloads/ applications

Cloud/ Datacenter Migration Data Gathering

According to my experience, Datacenter/ Cloud migration projects are one of the challenging and painful projects. Technically, actual server migration is not complicated, but Application dependencies on other apps or infrastructure components (SMTP, LDAP, Exchange, Load balancers, etc.) makes tough with respect to the planning of migration (schedule). The success of the migration depends on what level of data is available about a particular server/application and how you are capturing the details and migration schedule. To take an informed decision about when to migrate a particular server/ application, all application/ server needs to be available.

Double Take Cloud Migration Tool Gotchas

Double Take is the product from Vision Solution Group which helps organizations in near Zero downtime cloud and data centre server migrations, High availability, Disaster Recovery (DR) for IBM i, AIX, Windows and Linux server operating systems.

As part of my recent work on data center migration for one of the major banks in Melbourne,

Five Tips to Cut Cloud Computing Costs

Enterprises can benefit from the Cloud solutions (IaaS, MaaS, DBaaS, XaaS etc…) only if they are disciplined and organized with the resources they consume in Cloud. For example, if an organization moves to Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) platform without cleaning up and right-sizing their virtual machines, they might end up spending more than what they would spend on their existing on-premise platform. I know, the cost is not the only factor for organizations to consume the Cloud solutions but it’s

Steps To Remove Horizon View Connection or Security Server from View

This article outline the steps to remove the Horizon View connection or security Server from the view MANAGER. 
Use case to remove Connection or security server from View Manager can be due to:

-          When you disable View connection or security  server in View Connection servers group, server entry might still exist within View configuration
-          Permanently decommissioning a View connection or security server in view connection server group or replacing view connection or security  server with the new instance of view connection or security server
 Before you try this article, see if this troubleshooting step helps you.

Steps to remove a View connection or security server from the server farm is as follows.

Server HBA Replacement Steps

This article outlines the steps required to replace Host Bus Adapter (HBA) cards on servers. In this example, the technologies involved are brocade fabric switch, Windows server/ VMware ESXi server and HP 3PAR storage but the same steps can be applied to other vendor technologies like Cisco MDS switch, EMC storage, Hyper-V host, IBM SAN etc…

McAfee MOVE Multi-Platform Install and config steps

While working on McAfee MOVE Anti-Virus solution for virtual desktop solution, I come across this nice video published by McAfee with step by step instructions to install and configure McAfee MOVE Multi-Platform solution.

McAfee MOVE Agentless vs Multi-Platform

When I was looking McAfee MOVE Anti-Virus solution for one of my customers, I was confused with these variants of McAfee MOVE (McAfee MOVE Agentless and Multi-Platform). After spending a day on research, I got what they are and function of each product.

Forward VMware Horizon View Events to Syslog Server

In addition to logging Horizon View events to event database, you can configure to send View events to Syslog servers ( Like Splunk, KiwiSyslog Server, WhatsUplog management etc…)  or to a local log file or to a UNC path somewhere in the network.  The limitation with the local file is the maximum size of the event log directory can’t go more than 300 MB if it grows more than 300 MB size, old logs will be deleted automatically. The default path for local syslog files is %PROGRAMDATA%\VMware\VDM\events\.

To configure Events on Horizon View, environment,