HP MSA Storage Default Passwords

This article outlines the default credentials configured as part of the HP MSA storage array and HP StorageWorks P2000 G3 configuration and their functions. HP MSA refers to MSA 1040, MSA 1050, MSA 2050, MSA 2051, and MSA 2040 arrays in this article.

HP MSA 2040,1040
Information provided in this post is based on Storage Management Utility V3 (SMU V3, comes with GL200 and later firmware - Latest HP MSA 2040 firmware (GL200) can be downloaded from here)

User Name
Default password
Interface access


Note: Please refer to the comments below. readers kindly shared some additional passwords and processes to recover the lost passwords.

Above mentioned credentials are also applicable for other HPE entry-level storage arrays like HPE MSA 2052, MSA 2050, MSA 1050, MSA 2042, MSA 1040

WBI: Web-browser interface

CLI: Command Line Interface

SMI-S: Storage Management Initiative – Specification

FTP: File Transfer Protocol

Monitor Role refers to the user with Read-Only access. This is default user/ access and cannot be deleted/ disabled.
Manage Role refers to the superuser who can change system settings, create and delete users.
As a best practice, it’s recommended to change default passwords for all above accounts. If there is a requirement to create a new administrator user, copy manage user and create a new one.

As far as my knowledge, there is no option to integrate HP MSA storage systems with LDAP/ Microsoft Active Directory for centralized authentication. Please feel free to share your thoughts if you think otherwise.

if you are looking for default passwords for HP 3PAR/ StoreServe, refer to this article.

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  1. A secret user works too if you really do not know anymore. admin !admin

  2. I am trying to recover lost passwords, and tried the admin/!admin with no luck :-(

  3. And if realy, dont't know password:
    1. Connect through CLI to MSA controller using the USB – Mini USB
    2. Install driver for the USB connection.
    3. Check COM port on Device Manager from Windows
    4. Connect USB to the Mini USB port of the MSA
    5. Use Putty, Hyperterminal or any serial emulator.
    6. Hit enter to connect to the MSA. It will show the Serial Number of the MSA controller.
    7. Enter the following command: login:restoreusers
    8. Use MSA controller serial number as password

    1. No success with the above on either controller via usb cli. System version TS201R015 MC version L201R021
      Any further ideas?

    2. Same Person answering question.
      So, after a painful process the answer is:
      cli into the controller. (putty etc)
      Pull the other controller out (work with only one)
      username is: restoredefaults
      password is: (the last 10 digits of the management interface mac id, or the last 6 of the serial number shown above the management interface) then put 00 in front.
      It should look like "00C0FF******"
      Controller will reboot with same IP, but passwords are factory default. Therefore...
      Username: manage
      Password: !manage

    3. Thanks for sharing the information and hope it helps other readers.

  4. Thanks to ""Anonymous 14 February 2017 at 09:23"" ;-) ... our old IT admin forgot the username and password... thankfully, u made my job easier.. default username is manage and password is !manage .. thanks again

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