McAfee MOVE Multi-Platform Install and config steps

While working on McAfee MOVE Anti-Virus solution for virtual desktop solution, I come across this nice video published by McAfee with step by step instructions to install and configure McAfee MOVE Multi-Platform solution.

Just to summarise what is McAfee MOVE Multi- Platform solution, it eliminates requirement to install McAfee anti-virus application instead you need to install agent. Multi-Platform solution offloads scanning function to a dedicated server i.e. offload scan server (OSS) that runs McAfee VirusScan Enterprise software.
Components of the McAfee MOVE multi-Platform solutions are:
-          MacAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO Server)
-          Hypervisor (ESXi or Hyper-V or XenServer)
-          McAfee Agent
-          MOVE AV Offload Scan Server (OSS)
-          VirusScan Enterprise ( Installed as part of the OSS server)
-          MOVE Security Virtual Appliance( SVA)
-          Data Center Connector for vSphere- Optional
For more details on difference between MacAfee MOVE Agentless and Multi-Platform, refer “McAfee MOVE Agentless vs Multi-Platform

This video really helped me as I never installed MOVE before .This video covers McAfee MOVE Multi- Platform Anti-Virus solution covers the following items assuming that you have working compatible ePO server.
-          McAfee MOVE MP Architecture
-          Install extensions and client packages for McAfee MOVE MP Solution
-          Offload Scan Server (OSS) installation and configuration
-          Client installation and configuration
-          Configuring McAfee MOVE policies
-          Test MOVE AV functionality (With EICAR)


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