HP 3PAR SPOCC Menu explained

SPOCC ((Service Processor Onsite Customer Care) is a browser based management tool to support Inserv systems.
Note: Please read “HP 3PAR Service Processor (SP) explained” for more information about SP and all default passwords

SPOCC has following menu items (In bold) and their brief description is updated here.
HP 3PAR 7000 Storage Processor(SP) menu

Files - To view logs from Storage processor/ InServ System
Support- Useful for product Support and Diagnostic. It has two sections, SP and InServ. This menu item provides details about the system name, Serial number, IP address, real time Health check, InSpore logs (Storage system logs), locate cage, execute CLI command, SP Control Menu, SP Network configuration menu, firewall manipulation etc...
To reboot or Halt InServ system and to retrieve system crash dumps, navigate to Support - InServ Product Maintenance and chose option accordingly.
To gather SP logs, navigate to Support- Service processor – Launch SPLOR
To Reboot, halt, stop or start InServe related Processes, mount/ unmount CD ROM, manage NTP configuration, display SP status, update SP Process SP Data/ time maintenance etc...
Notify - To locally notified of alerts
Reports - Informational reports of the system
Setup – Configure applications, mail Host, user profiles and products.
To configure mail Host, navigate to Setup – “Configure MailHost” and enter IP address of the MailHost and domain name and then select “Add MailHost” tab
SPmaint -  Maintenance activities menu. Same menu as SP menu
Help - It's Help menu

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