HP On-board Administrator Backup Procedure

This blog post explains the steps to take back up of the Onboard administrator configuration. It’s good practice to take the back up of HP OA before any changes to the configuration or before HP OA firmware update.
Steps to perform for HP OA backup are as follows:

1.    Access the active onboard administrator IP from browser
2.    Login with administrator credentials
3.    Go to “Enclosure Information - Enclosure Settings- Configuration Scripts” in the left pane of the console
4.    In the right side of the window, select "SHOW CONFIG Click here to view configuration script containing the current settings for this enclosure" and save the configuration file to your favourite backup location. You need to open the notepad and save the text file manually to your favourite backup location
5.    Then click on “SHOW ALL Click here to view a script containing a list of the enclosure’s current inventory” and save the configuration file to your favourite backup location as text file. 
HP OA Backup

6.    The above two saved files can be used as HP OA backup files while doing recovery.

Please refer this link for steps to restore HP OA through GUI.

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  1. Would there be a way to import this output into a new enclosure with the same blades for a quick setup ?

  2. I never tried but it looks like it's possible, refer http://h20565.www2.hp.com/hpsc/doc/public/display?sp4ts.oid=3188465&docId=emr_na-c04350128-4&docLocale=en_US

    1.Create a configuration backup.
    2.Note replacement OA default Administrator login information.
    3.Remove the affected OA.
    4.Insert the replacement OA.
    5.Set the IP address via LCD.
    6.Log in with replacement OA default Administrator credentials.
    7.Restore the backup configuration.
    8.Create/ modify additional users (if necessary).
    9.Upgrade/ downgrade the OA firmware version to match the previous version.
    10.Log in to VCM.
    11.Enter new OA credentials when prompted. VCM will then perform the enclosure import. Server Blades that are powered-on will not display correct MAC/WWNs in the OA User Interface (UI) until the profile is unassigned and then re-assigned or the server is reseated during the next available maintenance period.