NetApp self-learn options

Having expertise on virtualisation, Citrix and storage is a great combination. It’s good to know as many storage technologies as possible but we can’t be expert in everything. In this article, I would like to write Hands-on lab options to self-learn NetApp technology.

Option 1: Lab on Demand
To use this feature, you should be either employee or partner of the NetApp. During the registration, you need to provide your company email ID, it doesn’t access free email address like yahoo or Gmail. If you are partner, you need to enter your Partner contact person name in NetApp to finish registration.
For NetApp lab on demand access and registration information, please visit

Option 2: NetApp Simulator
Download NetApp Simulator and practice. Again, to download NetApp simulator, you need to have employee or Partner account. If you are not a NetApp employee or partner, try option 3.
Download NetApp Simulator and instruction from here.

Option 3: NetApp ONTAP Edge Evaluation
This is basically developed to fulfil modest branch office shared storage requirements but you can use evaluation version to familiarise yourself with NetApp ONTAP operating system. You need to import Edge appliance on VMware vSphere host.

I believe this is the only free option for non-partners to get access to ONTAP operating system practice.
Download NetApp ONTAP Edge and instructions from here

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  1. Moonlight in Dark, Awesome steps to learn :) !!

  2. I have tried the link but it is not accessing

  3. showing the below error.

    Lab on Demand
    Your account does not have an active NOW subscription.