Fujitsu Server RAID configuration steps

This article outlines the steps to configure RAID on Fujitsu server’s hardware using the local hard drives.

I believe this RAID configuration applies to all Fujitsu servers like Fujitsu Primergy RX100, Rx200, RX300, RX350, Rx500, RX600, RX900, S5/S6, RX100, RX600, BX400, BX900 and probably TX series.


1-  Power on the Fujitsu server and Press Control + H during the boot

2 - It will take you to the following screen, select “Adaptor No and Type “RAIDCtrl SAS6G 0/1(D2607) radio button and Click “Start”

3 - In next step, you can see two un-configured physical drives with their sizes, click next

4 - In next step, select “New Configuration” to create RAID from scratch and click next

(Note: If you just want to clear existing RAID, select “Clear Configuration” and if you want to add or modify configuration, select “Add Configuration” radio buttons)

5 - Select “Yes” to confirm above selection

6 - Then select “Automatic Configuration” and redundancy as “Redundancy when possible”. Click Next to continue

7 - In the following screen, you see 2x physical drives on the left pane and 1x virtual drive (RAID) as RAID1 and its respective size. Select “Accept” to confirm the configuration and continue. You can modify the configuration by clicking on “Back”

8 - Then select “Yes” to save the configuration

9 -  In the next step, select yes to confirm to format and initialize the RAID. This will format.
10 - In the next step, you can see RAID type and it’s size. If you are happy, click on “Home” to go to home screen

11-  Select “Exit” to finish RAID configuration and to reboot the server

12 -  This finishes the RAID configuration on Fujitsu PRIMERGY RX server 

I have used to this server to install VMware ESXi host on local drives.

You can download Fujitsu custom image for ESXi 5.1 U1 from here

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  1. good article..

  2. i have problems,
    we have PRIMERGY RX100 S6 Server with windows server 2008 R2

    how can you help me.when printing control +h and nothing is happend

  3. Try from virtual keyboard which is available from console screen menu. All the best

  4. please how to take screen shots from a server ?

  5. Not sure if I understood your question. If you are talking about basic print screen, just click on "prt sc" on key board or use greenshot or simialr tool to take screenshots

  6. Thank you very much. This information was really helpfull. Please share your knowledge with fujitsu. This could prevent users from downloading the ServerView software (DVD-DL needed) just to get access to the raid setup. WTF is a WebBios? I also never thought that hitting the home button could be the right button to finalize an process. BTW: if you are not using the automatic configuration then there is no way to create any other raid setup than raid0.

    1. Thanks for comments. I am glad it helped you. I know it's bit tricky when doing this first time. Unfortunately Cisco UCS use the same WebBios :-)

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