Forward VMware Horizon View Events to Syslog Server

In addition to logging Horizon View events to event database, you can configure to send View events to Syslog servers ( Like Splunk, KiwiSyslog Server, WhatsUplog management etc…)  or to a local log file or to a UNC path somewhere in the network.  The limitation with the local file is maximum size of the event log directory can’t go more than 300 MB, if it grows more than 300 MB size, old logs will be deleted automatically. Default path for local syslog files is: %PROGRAMDATA%\VMware\VDM\events\.

To configure Events on Horizon View, environment,
·         login to View administrator console
·         Navigate to View Configuration – Event Configuration
·         In syslog section, click “add” next to “send syslog servers” and enter syslog server IP and port number (generally that is UDP port 514).
·         If you want to store log files to be stored locally, select “log to file: Enable” 
VMware View events to file or UNC file share
·         If you want to specify UNC path to send logs you specify path for events hereby navigating to “copy to location” and select “add”. You need to provide UNC path and credentials to access the path here

This configuration needs to be done only one view connection server and settings will be automatically replicated to other view connection servers on group. 

This is an alternate option if you don’t want to create a database for events on your database server for any reason.

If you want to analyze and confirm the health of your VMware vSphere/ View environment as per VMware best practices, refer to this article " VMware Health Analyzer 5 download, install and usage steps"

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