Five Document Review Checks to Keep Your Customers

If you are in consulting world (Professional Services) or review technical design documents for internal teams, this review checklist template is for you.  These five checks help you not to lose your customers by sending document without proper checks/ review.
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Technical document peer review checklist can be used as part of the process to sign off the design document or proposal to send it to the customer.

What motivated me to write this checklist?

In my more than 10 year of consulting experience, I have seen many proposals and design documents released to customer with multiple flaws like,
·         Solution doesn’t meet the customer requirements
·         Solution doesn’t meet the customer budget
·         There is a better way to design solution to serve the customer requirements
·         Grammar and spelling mistakes

Peer Review Check List for Technical Documents

Document Name:            xxxxx
Document Type:              Proposal/ Design
Document Author:          xxxxx
(Note: This check list assumes that you have a technical design or proposal ready and asking your colleagues to review the document before sending it to customer/ stake holders.)
Review Item
Review Status
Solution Technical Feasibility
Technical feasibility of the proposed solution and meet the customer business case
Solution Critics
Critic and advise if there is a better way to design and deliver the solution
Effort/ Cost
( Applicable for proposals only)
Effort or cost to deliver the solution
Grammar Check
Grammar check of entire document
Spell check
Spell check of the entire document

Document Reviewer      :   xxxxxx
Date                                      :

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