Unable to setup the desktop session for display protocol

Issue: I was experiencing following error while connecting to Horizon View virtual desktop/ RDSH session through HTML 5 access

 Unable to setup the desktop session for display protocol, Please contact your system administrator.

By executing following steps, issue resolved for me.
If you have two more than one connection/ security server, shutdown down all servers except one server and isolate the issue. You can try same approach to isolate issues with RDS hosts/ virtual desktop if you have these kind of issues.
-          Try reinstalling “VMware Horizon View HTML Access” latest version. When you install HTML as part of the connection server, it might installed version 2.5.2080967 so uninstall it and reinstall as a separate installation package (VMware-Horizon-View-HTML-Access-2.6.0-2329873) by downloading from VMware downloads.

-          Clear “Preserve Favourites website data,  Temporary Internet files and website files and cookies and website data” then restart the browser to access view desktop/ rdsh session

-          Make sure that VMware tools installed first then View agent. This is the correct way of installation or else it might not work.

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