Steps to assign HP iLO license through browser

All HP Proliant servers comes with HP iLO (Insight lights Out) standard license which helps to simplify initial server setup, health monitoring, to monitor power and thermal control and to managing server remotely.

If you need advanced features like graphical user control with multiple user connectivity (simultaneously), video record / playback, virtual media, e-mail alerts, Remote syslog and integrated Remote console, you need to activate/ upload required HP iLO license.
Steps to upload iLO license to HP Proliant server through browser:

Note: HP provides iLO 60-day evaluation licese key. To download/ access license key, refer to thislink.
·         Access server iLO console using respective iLO IP through browser
·         Navigate to Administration- licensing
·         In the licensing page, enter license key you acquired from HP or reseller
·         Then click "install" to finish installing iLO license
iLO license update or activation 
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