Steps to add additional VLANs to existing virtual connect Shared Uplink Set (SUS)

I had a task to add new/ more VLANs to couple of Shared Uplink Sets (SUS) in Virtual connect Flexfabric (VC FF) but I was scared if it impacts existing blade/ servers. I know it’s straightforward and should not be impacted but due to the criticality of the production servers, I was careful and tested before doing changes in production. It has been proven that there won’t be any disturbance to existing SUS trunks/ servers while adding new VLANs.

I have followed following steps to add VLANs to an existing Shared Uplink Set (SUS).

Note: If you need to configure Private VLANs, refer this article
1.       First make sure that new VLANs are tagged at Uplink switch/ port level.

2.       Before doing anything further, take backup of Virtual Connect ( Flexfabric) as per this link and then login to VC FF module from browser

3.       Click on Shared Uplink Set in the left pane

4.       Then you will see all defined SUS trunks in the right pane and right click on arrow button which you can see at the end of the SUS and select “edit”

Add new VLANs to existing trunk
5.       Then enter new VLAN details as per the following screenshot and click on apply. Make sure that you select smartlink radio button.

HP Virtual connect Flexfabric

6.       Then you should be able to see new VLAN added and click apply again to finish.

Add new VLANS to Shared Uplink Set
7.       If you have two trunks in active-active mode, make sure that you perform same steps for another trunk.

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