Call "HostProfileManager.CreateProfile" for object "Host ProfileManager"on vCenter Server


While working on creating “Host Profile” by referencing existing VMware ESXi host, I got following error message.


A general system error occurred

See the error stack for details on the cause of this problem

Call "HostProfileManager.CreateProfile" for object "Host ProfileManager"on vCenter Server.....

Firewall rule CIMHttpsServer must be enabled for the service sfcbd-watchdog

Firewall rule CIMHttpServer must be enabled for the service sfcbd-watchdog

I managed to resolve issue by starting “CIM Server” in security profile and “CIM Secure Server” and “CIM Server” in ESXi host Firewall settings.

1 - Select ESXi host which you are referencing to create host profile from. In right pane of the ESXI host, navigate to “Security Profile”- Services – properties and start “CIM Server” as per following screenshot

2 - Then in Firewall, select properties and check “CIM Secure Server” and “CIM Server” then click OK to enable them

To resolve known issue while creating Host Profile by referencing existing ESXi host, visit this post.


  1. Thank you so much, It worked for me.

  2. Those options were already enabled and the service was started. So, didn't fix in my case, although the error text is exactly the same.