HP Blade Power Sizer Tool explained

After Australian Federal  government introduced carbon tax ( may be most of the countries already introduced or will introduce),  companies started thinking about their IT carbon foot print.
Recently  one of my clients asked me how much electricity their HP blade enclosure is consuming and how much more it takes if they  add 3 more blades. I though it would be hard to calculate but after some investigation I found  couple of nice tools from HP
-          HP Blade PowerSizer Tool     
-          HP Power Advisor  ( Refer HP Power calculator ( advisor) tool explained)

I would like to share my experience with these tools. First , HP Blade PowerSizer Tool. As name suggests, it helps as  HP blade systems power calculater.

A quick and easy way to size your HP Blade sytem p-class and c-class infrastructure. HP has developed this unique sizer tool to provide valuable for planning, ordering components and preparing a site for delivery and installation of HP bladeSystem solutions.
As per HP,
The HP BladeSystem Power Sizer assists facilities teams and IT staff in sizing their power infrastructure to meet the needs of an HP BladeSystem solution. Based on actual component level power measurements of a system stressed to maximum capability the BladeSystem Power Sizer enables the facilities team to effectively plan for the power consumption and heat load of an HP BladeSystem.
The sizer allows a customer to select the type and number of components within each Blade Server and Blade Enclosure and see the effect of the changes on the power consumption and heat loading. 
Values obtained from the BladeSystem Sizer tool are measured with all components stressed to 100% load and is intended for facilities planning purposes only. Actual power consumption will vary with application type, application utilization and ambient temperature.
I have installed on Windows XP desktop. It doesn’t require reboot.
Download installation media from  here 

and click on “Setup.exe” to start installation of HP BladeSystem Power Sizing Tool
HP Blade power sizer install

Click next and then accept License agreement in next screen
HP Blade power sizer install

Enter User name and Organisation as usual like any other standard software installation

Then select on which drive you would like to install, like C: or D:
HP Blade power sizer tool

Then click install and then click on Finish to finalise installation.

Then you launch application from start- programs- HP BladeSystem Power Sizing Tool

Then create profile at first launch by entering Name, email, customer and country.

Next screen will be as follows. Click on build Solution” to create your own configuration

HP Blade power sizer

To directly jump onto enclosure and start entering details, navigate to enclosure in left pane and enter your hardware configuration. There are many things needs to fill up.
Select Enclosure type and configuration type accordingly.
BTO - Build to order - This is something HP sells standard but they build when they receive order from customer.
CTO- Configure to Order – This is something you select configuration and order to HP
(Note: I am not 100% sure, please comment if you know better)
Then select how interconnect modules are spread in your enclosure and their models.
Select On Board admin, if you have two, select redundant.
Cooling fans #, to get exact number, login to your enclosure via OA, navigate to “Power and Thermal- Thermal subsystem”, you can see number of fans installed and their status in enclosure.
Most of the details, you get from OA.

Drag the screen down and enter details based on what you have select in above steps for “How you want to configure”, next screen will be gives ability to either configure same blades in whole enclosure or let you to update each blade model.

After entering all details, click on “Update calculator”, to go to report page.

Report will be something similar to following, it gives you all values like Total Input power, total input current etc…
You can click on BOM to generate bill of materials, print and save.

HP Blade power sizer

This tool may not be useful for new models of hardware, if you have new models of hardware, refer HP Power Advisor

P.S: Please feel free to comment with your feedback

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