How to assign ILO license to HP blade server

Following steps explains how to assign ILO license to HP blade server through HP SIM.

HP blade version:  HP BL 490C G6
Enclosure: C7000
HP SIM version: 6.0
Login to HP SIM, navigate to Deploy- License Manager.
Select “HP ILO Advanced” and click on Manage license. It shows number of Assigned, total, available licenses. In the following screenshot, there are 5 licenses available to assign to new blade.
Then select one of the available licenses and click on “Apply licenses”. Here you can select multiple blades at the same time.

Then search for ILO DNS entry name which you have already created in DNS system, select check box of the right blade in search results then select Apply to apply license.
Then verify target system and click on next to finish and verify the assigned blade license via “licenses systems” tab.

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