HP 3PAR License Update Process

There are two ways to upload license to HP 3PAR system, one is through 3PAR management console and other is CLI.

You can obtain license file from your HP reseller or directly from HP Account manager

Steps to upload HP 3PAR license through 3PAR Management Console (MC)

·         Login to 3PAR system through Management Console (MC)
·         Make sure that you have selected “System” in common actions section
·         Navigate to Storage System, Select Storage Array name and right click to select “ Set License” option
3PAR license upload

·         Above step opens “Set License” window. Select “License File” radio button to select 3PAR license file or select “License key” radio button to enter license file contents then click OK to apply.
3PAR license key upgrade
·         You can see new license features in “Licensed Features” section as per following screenshot
3PAR license assignment

Steps to update HP 3PAR license through 3PAR CLI

·         Login to 3PAR system through HP 3PAR CLI (Putty) using hp3paradm/3pardata or user with similar credentials
·         Execute showlicense command to see what licenses are available on system. In following example, 3PAR system is licensed for 36 disks with number of features.

3PARPROD cli% showlicense
License key was generated on Wed Feb 11 11:46:48 2015
System is licensed for 36 disks.
License features currently enabled:
3PAR OS Suite
Adaptive Flash Cache
Adaptive Optimization
Dynamic Optimization
Management Plug-In for VMware vCenter
Peer Motion
Peer Persistence
Priority Optimization
Recovery Manager for VMware vSphere
Remote Copy
System Reporter
System Tuner
Thin Conversion
Thin Copy Reclamation
Thin Deduplication
Thin Persistence
Thin Provisioning (10240000G)
Virtual Copy
VSS Provider for Microsoft Windows

·         Then execute setlicense command  and input license file content to apply latest license file
·         After applying license, execute showlicense to make sure that newly added license features are visible

If you are adding new license features (license upgrade) to existing 3PAR system, you will receive new license file and follow the same steps as above. It will overwrite old license file with new one.
If you would like add additional drives to existing 3PAR system, you need to upgrade licenses to cover newly added drives. For updated license file, you need to contact HP or HP reseller.

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