SRA Command 'discoverArrays' failed. Invalid Array ID

Issue: While adding V3700 or V7000 or any SVC controller Array Manager (SRA) to VMware Site Recovery Manager (SRM), you get following error message.

SRA Command 'discoverArrays' failed. Invalid Array ID
Refer to IBM SAN volume COntroller troubleshooting
Create Array Manager - SRA command 'discoverArr-ays' failed.View details... – in vCenter Task manager
VMware SRM and IBM Array

Solution : You get this error message if you didn’t run "IBMSVCSRAUtil" as per IBM documentation. This helps to test remote site replicated Mdisk.
Open IBMSVCSRAUtil from Start – Programs- IBM Corporation –Launch IBMSVCSRAUtil.exe ( As administrator) – if you don’t run as administrator, IBMSVCSRAUtil window will not be closed after entering Mdisk number and press OK.

Leave all defaults except changing “Test MDisk GroupID”

Perform above steps at both Protected and Recovery site.
After this step, go back to “Add Array Manager” and enter details. This time you will be able to add IBM Storage array.

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