Citrix receiver slow applications launch issue

Guys, recently I had installed Citrix receiver 4.1 on windows 7 and then connected to Store front Server to connect / launch published application. Citrix receiver was very slow and it took 2 mins to launch or enumerate published application. Sometimes Citrix receiver freezes.

I have verified Citrix XenApp and storefront server’s performance, they are all good.

I have tried installing Citrix receiver on another Windows 7 and Windows 8 computers, had same slow application launch issue.

For some reason, MMC crash/ slow issue resolution clicked in my mind and tried by unchecking certificate verification options as per StorefrontServer MMC loading/ crash issues article.

You need perform these steps (Internet explorer certificate verification settings un-check) on the machine where you have the issue or Citrix receiver installed.

This resolved Citrix receiver slow issue and now application launch reduced to less than a minute.

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