HP Virtual Connect Backup Procedure

This article outlines the steps to take to perform Virtual connect (FlexFabrics) backup. There are other ways to back up the configuration; one is through Graphical User Interface (GUI) as mentioned in the article and other way to through CLI.
I have performed these steps in HP Virtual connect version 3.75.

The HP VC Backup steps are as follows:
1.    Open your browser like Internet Explorer
2.    Access VC module IP
3.    Login to the Virtual Connect Manager( VCM) using administrator credentials
4.    Then navigate to “Domain Settings - Backup/Restore” in left pane of the console
5.    In the right hand side, select  "Backup Configuration” and save configuration/ backup file to your favourite location on local computer

6.    File which is saved in above steps can used to restore VC configuration you are unfortunate :)

I have followed following steps to make sure that my backup and restore process is working.

-       Backup the HP VC configuration
-       Create a test SUS( Shared Uplink Set)
-       Restore HP VC configuration from backup copy
-       Then check and confirm your test SUS is disappeared

Please refer this link for steps to restore HP VC throughGUI.

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