VMware view is now VMware Horizon View

VMware announced VMware Horizon View 5.2 (which is next version of VMware view 5.1). Motivation behind change its name is to integrate View with Horizon suite. 
With this, VMware introduced VMware Horizon workspace which helps users to connect all their data (files), virtual desktop, applications (Using ThinApp).
VMware Horizon workspace (Is part of the Horizon Suite), from administration point of view, it helps to streamline access method based on identity management (Active Directory) to provision applications to users. When any user requests for access to an application or file or virtual desktop, it’s matter of adding user to specific group. No need to deploy application to individual machine. It helps to decouple applications, data from desktop.

With the release of View horizon View 5.2, VMware supports Windows 8 as guest operating system.

What is new with View Horizon View 5.2?
·         Media services for rich 3D graphics
·         Media services for unified Communications (support for Microsoft Lync 2013 to provide a fully integrated follow-me desktop and phone)
·         Windows 8 support
·         Horizon View HTML access  (Enables access to desktops through Horizon View from HTML5-capable browsers)
·         VMware Horizon View Clients (For easier access of Windows based applications on iPhone, iPad or Android device)
·         Improved large-scale management
·         VMware vCenter Server virtual appliance support
·         Space-efficient disks for virtual desktops

VMware Horizon View 5.2 download will be available during March 2013   available here

Don’t search for VMware View horizon View 5.1 as it doesn’t exist ;-).  It was VMware view 5.1.
And also don’t search for VMware View 5.2 as it doesn’t exist. It’s VMware View Horizon View 5.2.
 Please refer to this article for VMware Horizon View test cases or scripts.

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