HP Power calculator ( advisor) tool explained

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The HP Power Advisor is a tool provided by Hewlett-Packard to assist in the estimation of power consumption and proper selection of components including power supplies at a system, rack, and multi-rack level. A variety of additional features are also provided including a condensed bill of materials, a cost of ownership calculator, and a power report.

HP Power Advisor is a downloadable Windows based application that operates on your desktop. Instructions on how to download and use the tool, as well as other helpful links, are located in the sections below.
You can install HP power Sizing tool on XP desktop and it requires reboot.
Download tool from here
and click on “Setup.exe” to start installation of HP Power Advisor.
In next step, installation prompts to install .NET framework client as its pre-requisite to install power sizing tool
HP power calculator

After installing .NET framework client, it asks for reboot. Reboot the machine now or later as per your convenience.
Click next and then accept License agreement in next screen

HP power calculator

Then enter customer information

Click next to confirm destination folder

Click install to start installation and click finish to finalise the installation

After finishing installation, open the application via Start – programs – Hewlett-Packard- HP power Advisor.
Select Input voltage based on your country and click on GO

Then select Rack and server (Down arrow) or enclosure based on what you are trying achieve.

After selecting rack and enclosure, screen will be as follows. Then select “Config” tab to enter details of individual blades and other components on enclosure

Based on how you want to enter details, select either “Make all bays same as 1” or “Configure Individual Blades”
Drag and drop blades onto enclosure.
Select individual blade then click on “Config” to enter individual blade config or select whole enclosure and click on config to enter Interconnect module details.
 HP power advisor

After entering all details, click on save and Report to generate report. Select HTML
HP power calculator
Report looks like as below

Then click on BOM to generate Bill of materials summary or click on Power report for to calculate power cost and Hardware driven cost of owenership

Click on “Duplicate” if you have multiple racks/ enclosures/servers.

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  1. do you know any 3par power calculator?

  2. Try with latest version of HP Power Advisor. Seems it supports storage products power calculations including HP 3PAR.


    Easily estimate your data center power requirements

    HP Power Advisor, know how much power you consume

    HP Power Advisor is an easy-to-use tool that estimates your data center power requirements for your server and storage configurations. Version 4.x includes the new HP ProLiant Gen 8 servers and options as well as a new Smart Update feature that automatically updates your application when opened.

    Key features
    •A downloadable Windows application
    •Accurately estimate power consumption of your HP server and storage products
    •Select the appropriate power supplies and other system components
    •Configure and plan power usage at a system, rack, and multi-rack level
    •Access useful tools including a cost-of-ownership calculator, power report, and bill of materials